The Weapons

The Sumos

Sparing no expense, the lads are riding two 2014 Sumo Torque 250cc dirtbikes, Chinese made Honda XR250 Tornado clones.

One Black, with 5031 km on the clock and one Red, with 1256 km on the clock. Initially the plan was to get two identical (as much as possible with Chinese quality control) bikes, but the week before one had been involved in a head on with a truck…so a newer replacement was provided.

Quite a bit or work has gone into these bikes to prep them for the journey – original oil dumped and replaced with quality, name brand oil;
2 baffles removed from exhaust to gain some extra horses, vital with such small engines;
Sprockets changed to a 17 tooth pinion sprocket and 41 tooth drive sprocket for higher speed;
new chain (428 o-ring type) in order to weather the plentiful dirt kilometres planned;
Pirelli M21’s fitted (with rim locks) for traction in both dirt and paced conditions – wet cobblestones are another matter;
Carburettor jet changed and tuned for mix of high/low altitude;
Custom racks fabricated with panniers and luggage frame;
Finally, pulled apart and reassembled with quality bolts and locktite to ensure they don’t rattle apart mid ride, as funny as that would be.

With all that work, the boys should be well prepped to crossed South America.


Since Ash’s crash and Klaus experiencing some more of his remarkable luck, the Sumos have been decommissioned and now Klaus, travelling solo, is riding a 2014 BMW F700GS Adventure Touring motorbike.

Despite no longer having an instrument cluster or proper headlight/windscreen assembly, with hard work and no small amount of luck the BMW is ready to go. An iPhone 4S with a GPS  functions as a speedometer and odometer, some interesting wiring means charging on the move is possible (hopefully without any incidents as with the Sumo…) and riding only during daylight hours mitigates the lack of quality illumination.



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