The Suspects

Ash ‘Guevera’ Pow
A certified expert at crashing motor vehicles into things, Ash is well suited to riding a 0 star ANCAP rated Chinese knockoff motorbike through a continent where lane markers and road rules are an annoyance at best. Never one to let a good crash keep him down, Ash has high hopes of trying out first hand all the weird and wonderful ways things can go wrong on a 3-month long journey like this.

Klaus ‘Alberto’ Jones
A hacker by trade and a life hacker by every other account, he survives his adventures almost purely on luck alone. His fortune is such that he could throw his brand new phone out the window of a moving car and it would hit a bird, gently bouncing the phone back into his lap. The bird may not fare so well though…
Klaus’ guardian angel will be the third member of travel crew and will be working tirelessly to keep these ‘quality’ Chinese motorbikes from falling apart while they are ridden around the continent.


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