Not infallible after all

Ok, so I kinda stuffed up. Not just a small “whoops I missed my flight” kinda deal, more of a “whoops I’ve illegally entered a country and now need to talk my way out of it” stuff up.

Allow me to explain – when I entered Colombia via the Darien I stamped out of Panama, grabbed my bags and walked off into the jungle. Not quite so cavalier as that but you get the picture.

When I then made it to the Colombian town of Capurgana, exhausted and filthy, I kind of forgot to find immigration and stamp in to the country. Whoops. Serious whoops.

Either way, this only clicked while I was in line for immigration control at Medellin airport, on my way out of Colombia and to Buenos Aires. Yea, that was a fun conversation. Thankfully my luck held true and after a wink and a smile the immigration lady let me through with a roll of the eyes and a resigned chuckle, lightly stamping an already full page of my passport with an exit stamp. *phew!*


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