A sad farewell

86 ride days. 33,708 kilometres. 1,517 litres of petrol. Countless adventures.

West to East, South to well, the Middle – didn’t quite make it up North to Alaska, that’ll have to be Part II.

Total Route
Check out the Route page for the interactive map

The biggest part of my desire to get to Panama was to finish of the South America portion of the Ushuaia to Alaska trip, and in style! Chilling in the San Blas for a couple of days isn’t a bad way to go.

The other reason is that I had a buyer in Panama. So, with both a regretful look and a sigh of relief I parted ways with my bike today. It’s been my mode of transport for the last 20,000km or so, as well as almost being my home. It’s cost me money, saved me money, and at all times been a pleasure to ride. I hope May, the next owner, has as much fun as I did with it. I’m sure she will!

IMG_6416 IMG_6420 IMG_6426IMG_4004-small iPhone_IMG_5073-small iPhone_IMG_5077-small iPhone_IMG_5110-small iPhone_IMG_5114-small iPhone_IMG_5167-small


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